The Ultimate Foodie – Chef Curtis Stone, Author of ‘What’s For Dinner?’

In the world of celebrity chefs there is one chef who stands apart from the rest, that chef would be Curtis Stone. Curtis is known not only for his dashing good looks but by the mouth-watering dishes he creates.

Recently I had the chance to really talk food with chef Curtis Stone during his busy promotional tour for his newest book, “What’s For Dinner?” in Las Vegas during a ‘pop up’ Curtis Stone restaurant.

The Ultimate Foodie – Chef Curtis Stone, Author of ‘What’s For Dinner?’

Fashionista411 – What has been your most inspiration food experience while traveling?

Curtis Stone – I was in Buenos Aires, maybe twelve months ago., maybe a year ago, they have these things they call “Parrilla.” Parrilla is what they cook their meat on. The way they build these Parrilla is so incredible, and it has taken me off in a whole new direction of product development and thinking about building my own BBQs and some kind of BBQ kit. Because they cook solely over coal and they heat can change depending on how high or low the meat, or sea food is from the fire. It is really interesting way of BBQ’ing and I ate my brains out in Buenos Aires. Such good food!

Fashionista411 – What is your favorite kitchen sovereign from your travels? People must have given you a lot of stuff over the years…

Curtis Stone – I went to Japan recently and to a place called Sakai (the place where they made all the Samurai swords of the past) the city where they make all the knives, the Samurai swords, and I am planning on making an incredible line of knives. I went and met with all the pros and I was gifted one of these hand made knives from a Samurai sword maker. It is a very special knife to me. I don’t even want to know how much money it is worth. I carry it in my suitcase with me and every time I check it in I am afraid it is not going to come out.

Fashionista411 – If you could your way through one country which country would it be and why?

Curtis Stone – It might be Italy. I love pasta, pizza and if I was going to eat my way through somewhere I would get fat, but that might be the way to do it.

Interview by Fashionista411 Editor-in-Chief Justin Howard.

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