The Artful Gentleman

Bridging the high standards of quality that Hong Kong is known for and
the exacting perfection of British tailoring lies the couture suit
line The Artful Gentleman. Behind these handmade suits is designer
Jake Wall and his unique experience.

The Artful Gentleman

Justin Howard – How was that process of apprenticing in a different
culture like Hong Kong? What was the experience like?

Jake Wall – The first time around I was just there for a couple of
weeks. I took an extended vacation. Then I continued the relationship
with them, continued to work with them on different things. I created
my own items. We got to joking one day and they were like “You are not
so much a client as you are a designer. You are incredibly
particular and you make us work hard for things.” From there we have
continued our relationship, and by continuing the relationship we have
continued my education.

So my skill set has just improved and I am nowhere near as good as
these guys who spend every day churning out suit, after suit, after
suit. My space is much different in the way I play. It was definitely
an immersive experience and continues to be now after three years.

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