Sitting Down with Designer Laurel Berman, of Black Halo


Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with designer Laurel Berman, the creative genius behind the wildly fashionable “Jackie O” dresses from her Black Halo line.

“JH – When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

LB – After I graduated from Washington State with a Political Science degree I took a look within and asked myself “What is it in my heart that I wanted to do with the rest of my life” and I realized at that moment that fashion was the thing that always mattered in my life so I set off to pursue that dream.”

For more on my exclusive interview with Designer Laurel Berman, of Black Halo visit Fashion Designers at, part of the New York Times Company.

Justin Howard

Justin Travis Howard has traveled the world and loves diving into local night life where ever he happens to wander. His insights are designed to promote the hidden byways of Modern Culture.

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