The Must Have Dapper Hairstyle For All Men

When inspiration strikes, it is best to follow it’s lead. So thanks to the deliciously dapper men of the Blind Barber, here is my take on the must have hairstyle for men in 2014.

The Must Have Dapper Hairstyle For All Men

Straight from the fashion editorials of 1940s Paris comes my favorite mens hairstyle element – The Undercut. If you aren’t familiar with this hairstyle, think back to the Great Gatsby film from this summer and imagine Leonardo Dicaprio’s title character Gatsby with his closely buzzed sides.

Basically the Undercut is a hairstyle where the head is shaved on the sides and left long in front. With these general guidelines, the Undercut offers a near endless variety of individual hairstyles like office chic to ultra extravagant for the neo-bohemian. The reason I like to universally recommend this hairstyle for men, is that it can be tailored to flatter any face shape.

If you have ever felt the urge to shave your head, now you have a fashionable excuse to do so. So what are you waiting for? Simply check with Google for the closest barber shop to you, read the reviews and call to make an appointment or just drop in. I am tempted to dub 2014 “The Year of Undercut” as I like this hairdo that much!

The Undercut – Defined :
Love your hair? Have a great head of hair? Don’t worry you don’t have to loose all of it. Just shave the sides and keep it long on top.

The 40 Mobster – Do you vibe with the image of a 40s gangster? Just sleek the undercut back and off you go.

Neo-Bohemian – Love how those kids at Burning Man rock their mad hairdo’s? Try the undercut with super closely shaved sides and the top styled disheveled or with a side part.

Wall Street Chic – Craving to express your inner Wall Street shark? Just keep it toned down and your ready.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, to find your own style, cause boys it is only hair and it will grow back sooner then you think.

Want some celebrity inspiration? Google recent pictures of David Beckham and Jude Law, both have an undercut and look dangerously dapper in it.

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