ISWAI – It Starts With An Idea

ISWAI - It Starts With An Idea

ISWAI – It Starts With An Idea

Fashion maven Caggie Dunlop is famously known for her role in the hit

series on the Style channel – “Made In Chelsea”. What you may not know

about Caggie is her new fashion house, ISWAI – It Starts With An Idea,

a collaborative effort of five designers. One of the ISWAI Fiveways designers, Michael Robinson, has just moved to Paris to work for Balenciaga.


Recently, Caggie Dunlop took time away from her busy schedule to chat

with me about her philosophy of fashion.


“Let fashion be a reflection of who you are. Don’t copy others. You’ll

spend your childhood trying to be the same and your adulthood trying

to be different. So embrace being different now. “ – Caggie Dunlop


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Made In Chelsea, check out my fashion column on


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