Your Boyfriend IS Not A Mind Reader

Your Boyfriend IS Not A Mind Reader

Your Boyfriend IS Not A Mind Reader

A seemly endless source of frustration and anger for couples is that fact they expect their partners to know what they are thinking, as if by magic. Well I am here to tell you, no one can read your mind.

If you don’t assume that your boss automatic knows your thoughts on the new proposal at work, then why reckon your lover would know the intimate details of your mind unvoiced?

The solution to this problem is so simple it really shouldn’t need to be spell out. Rather then get upset, share whatever worries or concerns you have at the time. Otherwise your boyfriend really doesn’t have a clue as to what the hell you are talking about.

Unless you open up and express yourself in a clear manner, they will be left sitting there seeing you get pissed off, yet not knowing how to make it better or why you are vexed with them.

Remember even though you may be madly in love with them, you are two individual beings with separate bodies and brains.

Put that body and brain to good use and simply express yourself. You will find the level of stress between you and your lover goes dramatically down because of you using this little trick.

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