What Kind of Traveler Are You? – A Little Quiz

The Traveling Man

The Traveling Man

Curious about what your travel style is? Are you one of those that likes to spend their down time at home watching your favorite shows on Hulu? Perhaps a guided tour of the world’s famous museums and art galleries is more your cup of tea. Personally your Fashionista411 Columnist loves the idea of enjoying a Sex on the Beach on some tropical sunlit beach. Still confused at what sounds like the most appetizing vacation? Here is a little quiz to provide some direction.

What Kind of Traveler Are You? – A Little Quiz

1) You get invited by close friends to spend a long weekend in Hawaii, soaking up the Sun.
Your response is –

A) Essential travel items are SPF 100 before the sand even touches my toes, a taser in case some weirdo approaches me.
B) Sounds intriguing. Is there a cultural center we can drop in at?
C) Several days in the Sun with friends? Are you kidding me, Hell Yes! Who is bringing the booze?

2) Having recently finished Lawrence Durrell’s The Alexandria Quartet you are possessed by overwhelming desire to visit this ancient cosmopolitan. You do –

A) Buy each and every guidebook you come across on Egypt, make your Egyptian friends take you home the next time they go back for a family visit.
B) Get the latest copy of Lonely Planet’s Egypt Guidebook, start a savings account for the cost of your plane ticket and hotels.
C) Look around at your house and wonder how you will survive without Glee.

3) Plane Ticket, bought and paid for. Time to start packing.

A) Go out, buy the latest and great in luggage, purchase a whole new travel wardrobe then get everything labeled with your name.
B) Grab the old, but trusted luggage piece from the closet and start laying out your favorite outfits.
C) Dig under the sink for those amazingly durable black trash bags and grab the duck tape.

4) Airport Security, what a breeze! Entering the plane, you start looking for your seat.

A) Clean the seat with a anti-baterical wipe, cover your mouth with a surgical mask.
B) Calmly arrange yourself in the seat, power off all your gadgets, apply a little hand sanitizer, dive into the free snack packs.
C) Drop into the seat, start Grindr’ing it up with your iPhone, taking up both arm rests. Is that horribly delicious smell on your breath the McDonald’s Small French Fries you just finished with? Oh my…

5) You check into your hotel, yet discover the room has yet to be cleaned nor is it what you expected.

A) Drop everything in the middle of the floor and run back the lobby, start yelling at hotel manager calling him several things that would make your mother blush.
B) Arrange your luggage next the door, head back the front desk, politely explain what has happened, wander around the city till everything has been fixed.
c) Had no clue, was cleaner then your house.

6) Just realized this your first day in a different city, what to do?

A) Waken with the dawn so you can make all of the tourist spots scheduled for today. Yet at the end of the day, you can’t seem to recall any of them…
B) Open your eyes around 9AM, head down to breakfast, as you are enjoying yourself ask the waiter what he recommends to see. Check in with the guidebook, then head out.
C) Sleep until you can’t bare to sleep anymore, check out all the local spots you see from the hotel, head to the bar for a festive ‘Happy Hour’.

7) The trip is ending, time to check out of the hotel. The clerks behind the desk –

A) Are thrilled to see you depart. You can almost see them throwing a party as the taxi drives off.
B) Ask how your experience was, and thank you for staying with them.
C) Still covered with the grim they got from cleaning your room.

What letter are you?

‘A’ is for Anal – If you got mostly ‘A’s it seems you have discovered the truth about being prepared and worrying about everything. Remember it is ok to let your hair down once and while, the whole point to traveling is try something new and different. Expand your mind!

‘B’ is for Best – I find ‘B’ people tend to be the ‘get- up and go’ kind who don’t mind taking things in stride. Keep up what you do best – rolling with what world presents you and enjoying all the different aspects of life.

‘C’ is for ‘____’ – I have finally learned the horrible truth about travel, it is not for everyone. Some people are just better off renting movies about faraway places and staying at home. If this is you, don’t worry, it is for the best that we restrict your laziness to one geographic location, less it spread.

‘All who wander are not lost’ ~ Peter Pan

Justin Howard

Justin Travis Howard has traveled the world and loves diving into local night life where ever he happens to wander. His insights are designed to promote the hidden byways of Modern Culture.

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