From Urban Expressions To Gatsby Girls – Swatch 2013 Fall / Winter Preview

The Swatch Project – The Moment & The 27 Club

Fashionista411 Insider Justin Howard checks out these hot new accessories at the Swatch 2013 Preview of their ‘Urban Expression’ line.

One of the featured accessories from the ‘Urban Expression’ line is the infamous 27 watch – inspired by the 27 club, an urban legend referring the all the great musicians who have died at 27 like Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix.

My favorite watch from this new line is THE Moment – an accessory that is truly zen with its mantra “Be happy for this moment – This moment is for life.”

The Street Artist Urban Expression by Swatch

Fashion Insider Justin Howard goes behind the scenes at the Swatch Fall/Winter 2013 Preview to check out their new collaboration with the Spanish street artist José Carlos Casado – Off, as part of the new ‘Urban Expression’ line.

“The Fall Winter “Urban Expression Collection” illustrates Swatch’s passion for street style and love of rhythm and noise from cities across the globe. Inspiration for the new line comes directly from the colourful, expressive artwork often found on the streets of the world’s most loved capitals. Flamboyant prints and quirky slogans synonymous with graffiti can be found in several of the watch designs.” –

Gatsby Girls, Swatch

Fashion Correspondent Justin Howard gives Fashionista411 an exclusive guided tour of the “Les Annees Folles” collection by Swatch at the 2013 Fall/Winter Preview.

This new collection from Swatch draws inspiration from Les Annees Folles period in Paris, known as The Roaring Twenties in US, forever immortalized in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby.

These pieces aren’t simply watches, they are pieces of art – stylish, fashion-forward designs with a modern twist on tradition.

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