The Lipsticks of Summer

The Lipsticks of Summer

As a child, I can’t quite recall anything as fun as when my Aunt took me to a Macy’s. I swear as soon as we entered the store I would beeline it for the Cosmetics counters, eww-ing and ahh-ing over the lipsticks, always impeccably arranged by color and shade. Of course it did not help things that the counter girls all thought that an adorable 7-year-old blonde boy should be told all the secrets of the Cosmetic world.

On that note, I felt inspired this week to bring you, my little Fashionistas, the lipsticks of summer, shades and colors that truly speak to the themes and ideals that make Summer, the season of sensuality and sun-kissed fun.

The Last Shades of Summer-

On a pilgrimage to the nearest Macy’s, or on your way to the local drug store, these luxurious shades of red are sure to be a double bargain as they won’t break the bank, and are sure to accentuate the lips be they framed by pale or tan skin.

Image courtsey of Mac

Image courtsey of Mac


Russian Red, Mac Lipstick / $14 Mac Store

The Matte Reds have graced the lips of such Hollywood legends as Julie Newmar, and Judy Garland. So if elegance and class are what you are going for, then this matte red is perfect for you.

Suited best for both light and dark skin, acceptable for medium toned skin. Has a great hold, and stays vibrant for a long time.

Retro Red, NYC - Image Courtsey of NYC

Retro Red, NYC Brand / $2 local drug store

Gliding on with a feathery smooth feel, this newer brand has a unique bright look, making it perfect for an evening out on the town spent in dark, swanky clubs.


True Red Line, Image Courtsey of L'Oreal


True Red, L’Oreal Colour Riche / $8-$10 local drug store

As an in-the-purse emergency lipstick, nothing beats it. A lovely, rich red that leaves one feeling lush and refreshed, it looks amazing on all skin tones.


Maximum Red, Image Courtsey of CoverGirl Lipsticks



Maximum Red, CoverGirl Lipstick / $6-$7 local drug store

Feeling tropical? One has to be when using this lipstick for it leaves an orange hue on the lips. On a positive note, it makes the lips tingle the whole time you have it on. Interesting, right?
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