The Fashionista 411

The Fashionista 411 is the brainchild of mad genius and entrepreneur Justin Howard. The site was born in 2008 on a wish and a prayer on a free server inside a small studio in Hollywood. The site has grown tremendously since then – we’ve added new columns, features and cities and we’ve gone from covering Los Angeles to covering the world. This fabulous growth spurt led us to the site you see today – redesigned and relaunched in May 2010.

It’s the same fresh fashion coverage, with all the decadence and delights you remember plus plenty of new temptations you have yet to discover. I recommend a peek at our new columns; Watch That Man, Geek Chic and Dimestore Diva . There are also interviews with up and coming designers and artists and event coverage around the globe. Take a look around, there’s something new in every section…

Welcome to the new and improved Fashionista 411 –

where ‘Fashion IS Passion.’

Be The Most Fashionable Guy In Your Office With These Summer Looks – Justin Travis Howard from Justin Travis Howard on Vimeo.

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