The Chocolate That Slims.

The sliming chocolate

The chocolate that slims

As a true lover of chocolate, be it dark, light or milk, I was completely thrilled to hear about a recent study done here in the US that suggests individuals eating chocolate regularly are thinner then the average person.

While the chocolate of today maybe loaded with calories, the core ingredients tend to favor weight loss say the scientists of the study.

While this is good news, it is important to remember that other factors like the amount of exercise an individual partakes were part of the study as well.

I found it humorous that the study clearly points out that it is not important how often you eat chocolate that matters, but how much of it you eat.

The Healthy History of Chocolate

Science has a long history of producing medical research that points out the healthy benefits of  chocolate. A recent study claimed that chocolate is good for the heart.

It is a generally accepted scientific fact that eating different types of chocolates can positively change blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Recently dark chocolate was found to contain antioxidants at a level that helps the body deal with negative free radicals – the chemicals that damage our cells.

The lead medical researcher of the study done at the University of San Diego, Dr Golomb states that chocolate contains “antioxidant compounds, called catechins, can improve lean muscle mass and reduce weight.”

So before you go and order that chocolate fountain do remember that while it is ok to enjoy a chocolate treat every now and again, it is important to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

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