Talking Geek Chic With Designer Ashley Eckstein, Her Universe

‘Geek Chic’ the fashion trend inspired by science fiction and fantasy 
is not just for boys anymore as fashion designer Ashley Eckstein is
proving with her highly popular line, Her Universe. As a designer
 Ashley has cornered the market on female sci-fi fans by giving them 
what they crave most – a fashion line directly inspired by their 
favorite sci-fi shows & films like Dr Who, Star Trek and Star Wars.

Her Universe is sold nationally by Hot Topics, and is featured in Disney 
parks in pop-up shops.

Talking Geek Chic With Designer Ashley Eckstein, Her Universe

JTH – Ashley tell me what’s new with Her Universe? I saw that you recently launched a new collection Star War dresses?

AE – It is constantly a work in progress for us you know. This is
 something new, when we started three years ago the thought of Star
Wars dresses – people would have laugh at me. Now it is quite
 interesting to be branching out into fashion with sci-fi.

JTH – Not only are you doing dresses and fashion, but now you have 
become a spokesperson for a movement.

AE – Yeah. Well, that was by design because we known we had a stereotype to debunk – the stereotype was that only men and boys liked sci-fi. The other stereotype was that women would not merchandise made for them. So I know the only way for us to be successful was for us to
create a community, a movement with female fans. From day one we were very open with our fans, we said the only way we can change people’s minds and change the stereotype is to be upfront about it. I said “look I can’t do this by myself. This is not a solo movement.” I asked the fans for all of us to stand up and speak up together. So I said “united we stand, divided we fall.”

Honestly I said that many many times. I am very vocal about it not 
just being me. It is a united effort. That is the reason we are still
 here today.

JTH – I have been looking at your brand, Her Universe, and how you do this. It is very much a community-based effort. Between the girls that really get behind you, they are really like little fashion 
missionaries for you and your brand. I have been snooping on your
 Twitter feed and I adore the pictures these girls take of them wearing 
your dresses and the leggings. They share them, especially the
 Instagram community behind Her Universe.

AE – Yes. I have heard that. I encourage the girls to express their
 creativity with our designs and their own designs. I mean I really try 
to encourage fashion in general, and making, designing your own 
fashion be it our clothing or not. Because that is how we are going to
 debunk this stereotype and change peoples minds. It kinds expands upon this growing culture of fan girls, who express their fandom through 

JTH – It is very thrilling having gone to Comic-Con for over a decade and finally seeing girls wearing cute things like the R2-D2 and Tardis
 dresses. They are fashionable and chic. They can express their 
femininity in a very masculine culture, they can do it in a way that 
is classy, fun and shows off their spunk.

AE – That is why our tagline for our company is “Dream Your World, Be
Your World, Flaunt Your World.”

I say “Dream Your World” because these girls dream of being a super hero, being a Jedi princess, being one of these characters they admire. I say “Be Your World” because we really can be real life super heroes. These girls are real life Jedi Knights, real-life super heroes. “Flaunt Your World” – we encourage girls, there is nothing wrong with using for femininity. There is nothing wrong
 with looking cute, flaunting your fandom. That is what is exciting
 about being a girl – I love getting dressed up and doing my make up,
hair and putting together a really cute feminine outfit. There is
 nothing wrong with that. Especially if done is a really creative way. 
So that is why I say “Dream Your World, Be Your World, Flaunt Your

JTH – I like that tagline.

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