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The Love Project – Designer Kyle Chan

Love, it is one of the truly mysterious forces of the universe. At its heart it is a paradox, it knows no boundaries, and to celebrate that limitless potential is a new fashion line, The Love Project. The Love Project by fashion designer Kyle Chan, is all about letting the world know who you love – that could be yourself, a family member or a romantic partner. The point here is that just like Love knows no limits, this fashion line doesn’t want you to limit yourself either when it comes to expressing Love.

At a party celebrating love for The Love Project at Lisa Vanderpump‘s newest restaurant Pump, I had the pleasure to talk with Jai Rodriguez, of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and Sarah Schreiber about their involvement with The Love Project and their thoughts on the subject of Love.

Talking About Love – Jai Rodriguez, Queer Eye For Straight Guy

Talking About Love – Jai Rodriguez

Justin Howard – So we are here at the launch of the ‘Love Project,’ what are you thoughts on it?

Jai Rodriguez – Well I am here to find love. It is kinda amazing looking around at all the images in the LGBT community now getting married at a more rapid pace then I am used to. It awe inspiring it is something I thought I would ever consider because I didn’t any of my gay friends getting married. If I did it was like something for the family, just a small little something. Now it is a proper weddings and all these different vendors catering to the LGBT community is really nice in light of recent events. It is great to celebrate love!

Justin Howard – Did you actually think Gay Marriage would become mainstream in our generation?

Jai Rodriguez – No. I remember when ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’ was a hot topic, I used to get asked about it all the time and I was like “Maybe not in my lifetime but the next generation will get it right.” Never thought it would happen, but then again I never thought we would see a world famous athlete come out as Trans like Caitlyn Jenner did. There have been a lot of things like that, and I am very grateful to the community.

Justin Howard – I definitely think that we are living in on those watershed moments in terms of civil rights.

Jai Rodriguez – Yeah, straight kids are feed up! Straight allies as well. This is a civil rights issue and it is the fight of their generation.

Justin Howard – Anything we should keep our eyes open for in the future?

Jai Rodriguez – Yes, I have nice little arch in the new season of ‘Grace & Frankie’ on Going to shoot my second episode in September. Great cast!

Justin Howard – Impression of Jane Fonda, just because!

Jai Rodriguez – Super Sexy! I think that is saying a lot as she is a woman of a certain age, and she carries herself very gracefully! She is a very sexy woman! Striking and strong!

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What’s Love All About? – Sarah Schreiber

Talking About Love – Sarah Schreiber 

Justin Howard – You are part of the ‘Love Project,’ so tell me your thoughts on it?

Sarah Schreiber – It has been incredible! There is no reason in the world not to love everyone in my opinion. Obviously it is just the way to live, period!

Justin Howard – So you are in the newest issue of ‘LGBT Magazine’ magazine. What was your favorite part of the photo shoot?

Sarah Schreiber – Putting on a wedding dress! I never thought I would… Hold on, I never thought in my life I would be on a runway at 5’4 wearing a wedding dress! That was spectacular! My friend that suggested me for the project, I was like do they know how tall I am? They were very excited to have me.  

Justin Howard – What did you get out of being part of the Love Project?

Sarah Schreiber – Just let everyone love who they want to love. Let everyone live the life they chose. Be positive. Love is a very powerful thing and I think we should all feel it!

Justin Howard – What was the moment that defined Love in your life?

Sarah Schreiber – Man, that is tought! You know that is a beautiful question. I will forever seek that moment. I feel like I have been one of the luckier people, I see my family, I see my niece and just people I know. I am very thankful to be one of those people who has always had love in her life.

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