LA’s Best Trip Ever

Yearning for the perfect escape? Looking to experience the sunny delights of Indonesas exotic beaches? Let some of LA’s top influencers, reality stars and actors share with you, their ‘best trip ever’ curated by Fashionista411 writer, Justin Howard. Continue Reading

The Temple of Ise – Ise City, Japan

  Wandering through the green shadows of the primal forest that seperates the ancient shrine of Ise from the outside world, one can’t help reflecting upon the fact this is the sacred heart of Shintoism, the native religion of Japan. Shinto or kami-no-michi… Continue Reading

What Kind of Traveler Are You? – A Little Quiz

Curious about what your travel style is? Are you one of those that likes to spend their down time at home watching your favorite shows on Hulu? Perhaps a guided tour of the world’s famous museums and art galleries is more your cup of tea. Personally your Fashionista411 Columnist loves the idea of enjoying a Sex on the Beach on some tropical sunlit beach. Still confused at what sounds like the most appetizing vacation? Here is a little quiz to provide some direction. Continue Reading

Airport to Nowhere, Japan’s 98th International Airport Opens.

Traveling through one of Tokyo’s International Airports can often translate into braving long security lines and over crowded lounges. As your Fashionista411 Columnist recently discovered Japan’s Newest International Airport at Ibaraki  can offer a pleasant alternative to the world weary… Continue Reading