The Ultimate Foodie – Chef Curtis Stone, Author of ‘What’s For Dinner?’

Recently I had the chance to really talk food with chef Curtis Stone during his busy promotional tour for his newest book, “What’s For Dinner?” in Las Vegas during a ‘pop up’ Curtis Stone restaurant. Continue Reading

The Temple of Ise – Ise City, Japan

  Wandering through the green shadows of the primal forest that seperates the ancient shrine of Ise from the outside world, one can’t help reflecting upon the fact this is the sacred heart of Shintoism, the native religion of Japan. Shinto or kami-no-michi… Continue Reading

Geisha, between the Worlds.

When you hear the word, Geisha, does your mind flash to a white face, red lipped women wearing elaborate silk kimonos? Does the film ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ come to the forefront of your mind? That classic tale invoking images of controlled love, passionate art and cruel fate all revolving around one artisan’s life. As with any powerful archetype, trying to get to the root of it can be a confusing process at best, a frustrating one at worst. Continue Reading

Airport to Nowhere, Japan’s 98th International Airport Opens.

Traveling through one of Tokyo’s International Airports can often translate into braving long security lines and over crowded lounges. As your Fashionista411 Columnist recently discovered Japan’s Newest International Airport at Ibaraki  can offer a pleasant alternative to the world weary… Continue Reading