Talking Geek Chic With Designer Ashley Eckstein, Her Universe

‘Geek Chic’ the fashion trend inspired by science fiction and fantasy
is not just for boys anymore as fashion designer Ashley Eckstein is
proving with her highly popular line, Her Universe. As a designer
Ashley has cornered the market on female sci-fi fans by giving them
what they crave most – a fashion line directly inspired by their
favorite sci-fi shows & films like Dr Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. Continue Reading

Heat: A Fire Cabaret FAQs

As The Crucible gets closer to Heat: A Fire Cabaret they’ve encountered a few common questions…so here’s their scoop: 1.  Costumes! Really? Yes, really! This event is an experiential one, so we’re inviting folks to join in on the fun… Continue Reading

What is Hip?

Geek Chic Rules the Day According to Wikipedia “Geek chic” refers to the embracing of stereotypically unpopular “geek” characteristics such as (taped) glasses, comic books, and video games. “It has a lot to do with the computer revolution, Bill Gates… Continue Reading