Drama, Boys & Models with Tyra Banks, America’s Next Top Model

Amongst the frenzy of lights, cameras and various models from the 20th cycle of the CW’s hit show America’s Next Top Model getting ready for their first public fashion show since this season aired, I had the pleasure of talking about all the romantic drama and emotional shorelines from this season with the show’s creator, Tyra Banks. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Foodie – Chef Curtis Stone, Author of ‘What’s For Dinner?’

Recently I had the chance to really talk food with chef Curtis Stone during his busy promotional tour for his newest book, “What’s For Dinner?” in Las Vegas during a ‘pop up’ Curtis Stone restaurant. Continue Reading

The Premiere of Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” and Afterparty

It is not everyday one gets the pleasure of attending a Hollywood premiere, let alone one with Oprah and other A-list celebrities like Forest Whitaker, Jane Fonda, Cuba Gooding Jr in attendance. The film in question is Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” currently number one at the box office. Continue Reading

Talking Geek Chic With Designer Ashley Eckstein, Her Universe

‘Geek Chic’ the fashion trend inspired by science fiction and fantasy
is not just for boys anymore as fashion designer Ashley Eckstein is
proving with her highly popular line, Her Universe. As a designer
Ashley has cornered the market on female sci-fi fans by giving them
what they crave most – a fashion line directly inspired by their
favorite sci-fi shows & films like Dr Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. Continue Reading

Talking Weddings with Catalina Maddox, David’s Bridal Fashion Director

Talking Weddings with Catalina Maddox, David's Bridal Fashion Director

May is one of the most popular months of the year to get married. With
that in mind, it was a pleasure to sit down with David’s Bridal
fashion director Catalina Maddox and talk weddings and bridal
fashions. Continue Reading

A Fashionable Prom

A Fashionable Prom

Every young fashionista comes to the day when she will have to go shopping for the perfect prom dress. Not only does she have to decide if she will go with a strapless neckline, but she has to choose the best color for her dress, all while being on point to this season’s new trends. Continue Reading

A Handmade Suit with Jake Wall

A Handmade Suit with Jake Wall

Inspired by the handmade fashions of one of my favorite TV shows Mad
Men, I went on a quest to find truly modern handmade suit. During my
quest I came across San Francisco based clothier Jake Wall, of The
Artful Gentleman. Continue Reading

Bridal Fashion With Designer Melissa Sweet

Bridal Fashion With Designer Melissa Sweet

Ever since her grandmother taught her to sew as a child, designer Melissa Sweet has been making her clothing all one color – white. Today’s Melissa Sweet is still making white clothing, only this time as one of the top Bridal Designers in the US. Continue Reading

Beauty in Essex

Being addicted to reality TV shows like The History Channel’s “Pawn Stars”, I wanted to take a closer look at the pawn shop in the Manhattan hotspot of Beauty & Essex. What interested me especially about the pawn shop was its curated retail fashion collection, featuring items like designer handbags made out of 14k gold. To that end I took at moment to chat with fashion broker Lauren Kaminsky, seeing what it takes to run this Manhattan hotspot. Continue Reading

Insider fashion at Manhattan’s Beauty & Essex

Insider fashion at Manhattan's Beauty & Essex - Fashionista411

It was during the hustle and bustle of preparing for a celebrity charity brunch at the Food Network’s “Chopped” bad boy chef Chris Santo’s Beauty & Essex restaurant that fashion curator Lauren Kaminsky sat down with me and explained to me what it takes to run a Manhattan hotspot fashion-wise. Continue Reading