Talking Weddings with Catalina Maddox, David’s Bridal Fashion Director

Talking Weddings with Catalina Maddox, David's Bridal Fashion Director

May is one of the most popular months of the year to get married. With
that in mind, it was a pleasure to sit down with David’s Bridal
fashion director Catalina Maddox and talk weddings and bridal
fashions. Continue Reading

Sitting Down with Designer Laurel Berman, of Black Halo

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with designer Laurel Berman, the creative genius behind the wildly fashionable, Black Halo line. Continue Reading

Stella McCartney Partners With Adidas For The Olympics

Sports retailer Adidas launched a partnership with Stella in 2010 that established her as ‘Team GB’s Creative Director’ for the 2012 Olympics by Adidas. Continue Reading