Runway Profile – Men from ‘The Grey’ aka Liam Neeson

As one of the 1st premiers of 2012, the men of ‘The Grey‘ managed to single handedly set the tone for the whole award season as far as the men are concerned – with Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and fellow cast mate Dermot Mulroney coming out in force displaying their rugged good looks and slim European cut suits from such well known designers like Georgio Armani & Joseph Abboud.

Runway Profile – Men from ‘The Grey’

I must admit I was not sure what to except fashion wise from the singularly male cast of new film ‘The Grey‘ staring Liam Neeson, directed by Joe Carnahan (who apparently knows me, more on that later) and produced by Riley Scott, all of which was shot in the back woods of Alaska with the cast wearing outfits more suited to keep you freezing your bum off then gracing the silver screen.

As ‘The Grey‘ stars Liam Neeson, who I have had a crush ever since watching ‘Satisfaction‘ the 80’s film co-staring Justine Bateman and a very young Julia Roberts. In Satisfaction, there was a scene where I got quite the eye full of Liam and I have been hooked ever since.

Since the film stars Liam, I decide to keep an open mind – even if I have images of dirty rough axe wielding men prancing down a red carpet haunting the back of my mind.

Check out their Red Carpet looks for yourself –

Style Guide –

Liam Neeson Georgio Armani

Frank GrilloJoseph Abboud

Dermot Mulroney Issa

James Badge Dale – Varvatos

Dallas RobertsGucci

Joe CarnahanVarvatos

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