Runway Diaries – The New Book

New Book 'Runway Diaries - Tales From The Catwalk' by Justin Travis Howard

New Book ‘Runway Diaries – Tales From The Catwalk’ by Justin Travis Howard

“Runway Diaries – Tales From The Catwalk”

by Justin Travis Howard

“A word associated with “fashion” is “make” – and that’s what we use fashion to do, make ourselves into our own fabulous creation. As a fashionista, I’ve long been fascinated by this process and in my quest to understand what makes how we look so important to humans, I’ve interviewed dozens of designers on the sources of their inspiration, on their creative processes, and on what they hope their creations will accomplish for those lucky enough to snag a piece or two from their latest runway shows around the globe.

So come join me as I guide you on an exclusive expedition through the runway shows of Paris to the mental landscapes of these emerging and established designers, and take a look at timeless fashion classics that deserve a place in your wardrobe for tonight.

It’s my hope that this book will in turn inspire you to check out edgy new lines and perhaps inspire a fashion fling or two of your own. ”

The new fashion bible ‘Runway Diaries’ by Justin Travis Howard, is available on iTunes on iBooks for download on your iPad or Apple Laptop-

Looks Can Kill And We’re About To Turn You In To A Sniper / A Night Out – Justin Travis Howard from Justin Travis Howard on Vimeo.

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