Paint It Black – A Fashion Statement

Following in the foot steps of Vogue editor turned acclaimed fashion designer Vera Wang, Jeremy Fall took the skills he learned as the editor-in-chief of Cliche Magazine and put them to good use in the fashion world. Jeremy took his ability to create visual narratives in print to the next level in his newest project the ‘Paint It Black’ fashion line.

Paint It Black – A Fashion Statement

Inspired by the Punk fashions of the 1970s, designer Jeremy Fall infuses each of his creations with clean lines and a minimalist flair. Paint It Black, as a collection is meant to dress the individual in the tragic glamour of a Hollywood romance.

Justin Howard – Why fashion? What appeals to you about it?

Jeremy Fall – Fashion is limitless. I don’t mean that in a cheesy way by any means, it’s just a notion that I realize more and more everyday working as a creative in this field. The thing a lot of people don’t realize is that fashion is a lot more than just making clothes, it’s the only art form that people are obligated to consume everyday. As designers, we visually get to see our emotions interpreted by other people.

The most appealing aspect for me is feeling like I can do anything. There are so many aspects and different forms of design and production to get into ranging from the pieces you produce, to the shows, to the branding, and the story behind it all. Every collection feels like a huge puzzle with a million different pieces and the way each of us puts it together is always different.

Justin Howard – What is the message behind the “Paint It Black” collection?

Jeremy Fall – Tragic romance. That’s the basic emotion behind that entire collection. The name was inspired by my favorite Rolling Stones song and the look book is inspired by iconic scenes of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ relationship. It’s a story about the downfall in a relationship and the darker side of love that’s not portrayed in commercial media.

Justin Howard – How did you launch your new brand into today’s world?

Jeremy Fall – We launched the brand in a very modern grass roots way. We created buzz through social media platforms by producing an event and promoting it to the right people. We’re very careful about who consumes anything that’s related to the line because I’m a firm believer in slow organic growth and longevity, which is hard to achieve nowadays with the way things travel online.

Justin Howard – What’s your favorite piece? Why?

Jeremy Fall – My favorite piece is definitely the asymmetrical dress. It’s a long black dress with a length that’s right above the ankle in the back and short in the front. It has a polo-like leather collar and short boxy sleeves. I love this piece the most because its presence is really strong and most of it is achieved through its different lengths. It has a very Warhol-esque approach of taking two different basic things and blending them together with a personal touch.

Justin Howard –  Are you influenced by any music or art movements?

Jeremy Fall – Music and art movements are my two biggest inspirations. I’m really inspired by the emotions I get from listening to lyrics. Most of my designs have come from having headphones in and translating what I feel onto paper. I’m a huge fan of classic and punk rock icons which you can see in this last look book and the brand as a whole. On the art side, my biggest inspiration has always been pop art.

Justin Howard – Are there any other areas of fashion you want or have plans to get into?

Jeremy Fall – One of my biggest dreams is to design shoes because I love the idea of playing around with harder fabrics and trying to create pieces that look like they defy gravity but are still easy to walk in. I think defining the balance between design and comfort is always the most challenging for shoe designers, but the challenge is what keeps us creating.

Justin Howard – What inspired the “modern punk” look? Was it a moment in time?

Jeremy Fall – Like I mentioned earlier, rock is definitely one of the main inspirations behind the entire line, specifically post-Woodstock mid 70’s and early 80’s. Some of the design elements that we like to describe as “clean punk” are inspired by classic features of punk fashion and interpreted and redesigned with our vision of what that era would look like today. We created a hybrid between minimalist dressing and clean lines and incorporated sharp edgy details.

Justin Howard: What is the best perk in being a designer?

Jeremy Fall – Most people think that the best perk is being able to create something you’ve always wanted to wear, which is awesome, but I honestly love seeing people interpret my pieces in their own way. A hundred people could wear one of my dresses and style it in a completely different way. I like the feeling of having your art live on, it almost feels like a collaboration with the consumer.

Justin Howard – How do you intend people to feel when wearing your pieces?

Jeremy Fall – I want people to feel creatively inspired. Inspiration solely is based on how you feel, and when you get motivated you have this feeling where you just can’t stop creating and it’s the best feeling in the world. A lot of that comes from how you feel in your skin and the elation you experience from that confidence is irreplaceable. I want to give people that confidence when they wear my pieces, like they can turn any idea they have into reality.

Justin Howard – Anything we should keep our eyes open for in the future?

Jeremy Fall – Absolutely. I’m extremely excited about my collection for this next season. I’m really thinking outside of the box and going out of my comfort zone, which is one of the most interesting experiences. Every day brings a new idea that improves the concept and I can’t wait to show the world our final product.

About the “Paint It Black” collection –

Justin Howard – Please select three of your favorite pieces from the collection and share why you like them & what inspired them.

Jeremy Fall – My favorite group of pieces are the modern tee, the modern tank, and the asymmetrical dress because they’re different interpretations of a core piece that we modified to fit any wardrobe.

We decided to create a new standard for basics by taking traditional pieces and adding small details that make them feel edgy but easy to wear at the same time. I’m a firm believer that minimalism screams louder than anything and the idea behind this was to make these pieces feel fashionable without having to make the aesthetic feel complex.

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