‘On Ice’ – Musician Terje Isungset brings The Ice alive with his unique sounds.

Terje Isungset On Ice

Terje Isungset On Ice

To most people when you mention Norway, they think of a country covered in Ice. What they don’t tend to imagine are all the uses Ice has.  Norwegian Musician Terje Isungset proudly introduces the city of London to his country’s unique tradition of playing instruments made of Ice.

As one of Europe’s leading percussionist, Terje spent the much of the New Year playing his composition Ice Music at the Somerset House Concert Venue in London, England.

Besides creating Ice Music, Isungset is known for establishing the first international Ice Music Festival in 2006 taking place in Norway.

Terje‘s gigs at the Somerset House are scheduled to start January 7th. During his shows, Terje will be performing on a horn and ‘ice ohphone’ made from 600 year old Ice of the Jostedalsbreen glacier.

Isungset crafts musical instruments from natural Norwegian resources like arctic birch, granite and slate.

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