From NY To LA – Hallie Sara

Backstage - Hallie Sara

Backstage – Hallie Sara

It was during the chaos that is LA Fashion Week that I came to know fashion designer Hallie Sara. Wandering aimlessly on the Red Carpet for the opening night of the ArtHeartFashion show with no official direction, I was literally rescued from my own frustrations by the kind hearted, yet no-nonsense attitude that beautifully sums up designer Hallie Sara.

She brought that ‘can do’ attitude from New York with her to LA, a truly refreshing change of atmosphere. She literally took the lead in my state of confusion and I soon found myself backstage…

Backstage - ArtHeartsFashion

Backstage – ArtHeartsFashion

Backstage – ArtHeartsFashion

Backstage I was introduced to her surprisingly chic fashion pieces that harken back to the sophisticated glamour that embodied 1920’s French cafe culture. It was in this space of old world glamour, that I found a familiar face helping designer Hallie Sara get her models ready for the runway. It was designer Joshua Christensen, of season 9 – Project Runway, known for his liberal use of color in his creations.

In the madness that is any backstage area before a runway – models running about looking for that missing heel, designers clearing trying to get their creations into a state of perfection with last minute pinnings – I interviewed designer Hallie Sara about the collection she was about to introduce to the public.

Designer Kallie Sara & Joshua Christsen, Project Runway

Designer Kallie Sara & Joshua Christsen, Project Runway

From NY To LA – Hallie Sara

Justin Howard – Why fashion? What appeals to you about it?

Haley Sara – I work in fashion, product design and interior design but truly find fashion to be the most gratifying.  I love helping people with defining their identity through fashion.  Fashion can be surprisingly empowering and often times even liberating.

Justin Howard – What is the message of the ‘Hallie Sara’ line?

Hallie Sara – One can still look sexy and stylish even when dressing with refined and elegant pieces.

Justin Howard – How did you launch your new brand into today’s world?

Hallie Sara – I produced my first contemporary womenswear collection in LA back in 2001 and have been working consistently in the fashion industry since then.  I love what I do so whether it’s designing for my own company or another brand, everything just seems to fall into place.  I have been lucky to have loyal clients who are always excited to see my newest project or collection and that helps quite a bit in building the momentum and spreading the word.

Justin Howard – What look do you love to recommend from this new line? What other looks do you love?

Haley Sara – I recommend them all. (Laughing) No seriously, I think the leather mini trench is incredibly smart and chic as well as the drape front perforated shearling.  Both of those pieces can pull any outfit together.  I also love the drop crotch trousers in both the leather and suede.  They feel so substantial yet incredibly casual at the same time.  People tell me they feel an entire attitude and confidence shift when they put them on.  I love to hear that about any of my pieces.  That’s why I do it.

Justin Howard – How do you intend people to feel when wearing your pieces?

Hallie Sara – Chic, sexy, powerful…a few words that immediately come to mind.

Justin Howard – What’s next for you?

Hallie Sara – It’s a busy time of year for my business, especially with the custom work.  I love it though, as it’s an amazing opportunity to experiment with different materials, colors, silhouettes which I might not necessarily have used in the collections.  It’s almost like research to a certain extent, which is perfect as I am contemporaneously designing the Fall/Winter 2015 collection.  I am also continuing to expand the home furnishings range which was new this year and will be rounding out the brand with a menswear collection for F/W 2015.

Justin Howard – Best of luck.

Haley Sara – Thanks!

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