Made With Noble Intent – Estrella Cristina

 Made With Noble Intent - Estrella Cristina

Made With Noble Intent – Estrella Cristina

Among the pageantry that is the Hollywood Awards season from the Golden Globes to the Oscars, it is rare that a gown catches my eye so completely that is stops me in my tracks, demanding that I have to check it out.

It was the case with designer Estrella Cristina and her lace couture dress at a party for the Academy Awards being hosted by Audi that I had the chance to spy the gown on her as she walked by.

During a recent lunch I had the pleasure of chatting with designer Estrella Cristina about the message of her line.

Justin Howard – “What is the message of “Berqclé” ?”

Estrella Cristina – “The message of the line is ‘Made With Noble Intent” and the key or “Clé” (French for Key and the last three letters in “Berqclé) to being “Made With Noble intent” is to carry the qualities represented by the remaining letters in the name Berqclé. Each letter stands for a quality, which the Berqclé woman represents. She is Benevolent, Enthralling, Radiant, Quality, Confident, Luminous and Extraordinary. She is feminine, unparalleled and incomparable.”

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