“Honey I think I lost the kids” Tales of Black Friday

We all know the lines and crowds of Black Friday can be enough to make us forget our own names at moments. Just imagine adding kids to the mix and all sorts of crazy scenarios come to mind!

Here is a story that caught your Fashionista411 Columnists attention as he was researching this past Black Friday. It was first reported by the Associated Press.

Apparently a couple in Banks County, Georgia were so over come by the deals their local Walmart was offering on Black Friday that they left their 9 year old and 9 month old children in a shopping cart out in front of the Banks Crossing Walmart. All this so they could shop uninterrupted.

The Banks County Sheriff Charles Chapman was called to the scene by a local Walmart employee who noticed the children outside by themselves. The parents were found and charged for reckless conduct.

The couple apparently told Sheriff Chapman that they thought the kids would slow them down.

The children were not harmed.

Quick Tips

– No deal at Walmart is worth doing jail time. Period. End of Sentence.

– Shop from home on major discount days as Amazon and Ebay usually can meet or beat the discounted retail prices. Just know your size.

– If you are an overeager shopper who has kids please for heavens sake find a babysitter before venturing out, or better yet report to your local Shopaholics-Anonymous for some group therapy.

Justin Howard

Justin Travis Howard has traveled the world and loves diving into local night life where ever he happens to wander. His insights are designed to promote the hidden byways of Modern Culture.

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