From Saturday Night Live – Mango & JLO

Fashion designer Daniella Clarke of Frankie B regularly dresses celebrities like Charlize Theron and Eve Longoria, yet perhaps her most memorable moment comes from dressing Saturday Night Live character Mango in a denim jumpsuit right out of the 1970s via Charlies Angels.

Designer Daniella Clarke recalls, when she first launched Frankie B in 1999, getting a phone call from a friend telling her JLO had worn her denim jumpsuit on a recent album cover, and that it was posted all over Times Square in New York City. Not only that, but JLO had left the label reading ‘Frankie B’ on the jumpsuit. Needless to say Daniella made her friend take a photo and send it to her.

The next thing she knew, she was getting what she describes as the ‘most ridiculous’ phone call of her life from the people over at SNL who told her JLO was going to be on the show and was doing  a skit with Mango, and they needed her to send a couple extra jumpsuits for Mango to wear on the show because he will be fighting with JLO over it. She said when she watched the episode, she couldn’t stop laughing, especially when she saw Mango and JLO fighting and wrestling over the jumpsuit.

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Photo Courtesy of Frankie B

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