From Flapper Couture to Oz

Nestled in the infamous Hollywood Hills is a glamorous 1920s palace fondly referred to as ‘The Cedars’ by locals. It was once the home of Norma Talmadge, the original Hollywood film starlet of the silent film era. From this glamorous abode, fashion designer Sue Wong created her newest line ‘Oz, The Great & Powerful’ in a partnership with Disney for the launch of their new film of the same name.

From Flapper Couture to Oz

JTH – Thanks for talking with me, Sue. You launched ‘Oz, the Great &
Powerful’ fashion line before the movie came out – what’s the story
behind the launch?

SW – As a child, one of my favorite books was ‘The Wizard of Oz’, read when I was eleven years old. It totally captivated my imagination and I was captured by its magical tale of Magic and Transformation. Disney asked me to do a product program inspired by their new blockbuster movie, ‘ OZ the Great and Powerful’ because they thought that the aesthetics of the movie and that of Sue Wong were a perfect synchronous match.

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