Flirt Alert– 5 Quick Tips on Dating

Flirt Alert– 5 Quick Tips on Dating, fashionista, 411, the fashionista 411, fashionista411

Flirt Alert– 5 Quick Tips on Dating

Looking to navigate the dating world like a pro? Wanta sort through those potential beaus with a glance and natural ease? Here are 5 quick tips from your Fashionista411 columnist that will allow you to dance through life a shimmy and shake.

Be Realistic
As much as I am a fan of going out and taking home the whole French National Rugby Team, a girl has got to have an idea of what she can pull off, and unless you look like Heidi Klum, it is most likely not going to happen.

Dating Is A Must Do
The key to dating is to treat it like you would any other serious venture, that is always be prepared and open to what fortune throws your way because you never know when or where you will meet that special someone. I suggest brushing up on exotic topics of conversation like the Sufi Rumi, and always wear clean underwear.

Flirt Alert– 5 Quick Tips on Dating, fashionista, 411, the fashionista 411, fashionista411

Flirt Alert– 5 Quick Tips on Dating

The EX – Just Don’t Do It
Potentials don’t want to hear about your past dating history, just as you don’t want to hear about theirs. Do try to keep in mind that every new potential is a fresh start to break those old habits and annoying patterns. Take an example from history – Cleopatra, a registered sex vixen, always knew how to keep her men focused on what is really important the Now.

Not Your Therapist
Remember you are there to flirt and woo your way into this potential’s heart, not to fill them in on all your issues with intimacy or your fear of clowns. The potential is there to get to know the essence of you, not the past with its baggage or the future with all its worries.

Save The Birthday Suit For Later
As a general rule of thumb, one night stands don’t usually lead to long and lasting relationships, that being said my personal rule is to never sleep with a potential on the first date. Remember if the Potential is a partner material they can keep the sex drive in low gear until the main track.

Resources To Open Your Mind and Enliven Your Life –

The Way Of Making Love, Zen & Sex
By Phillip Toshio Sudo
*A book on the mystical side of sex shows the road to enlightenment can paved with culture, pleasure and bliss.

The Joy Of Much Too Much
By Bonnie Fuller
*The must-have modern living guide for any Fashionista worth her salt.

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Justin Travis Howard has traveled the world and loves diving into local night life where ever he happens to wander. His insights are designed to promote the hidden byways of Modern Culture.

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