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Liz Claiborne

When it comes to holiday shopping no fashionista wants to spend more time shopping then she has to, especially when it means braving long lines, and oh-so friendly sales associates. So in an extra effort to cut down on the time you spend in line, here is a guide to your favorite brands and where they can be found.

Looking for your Favorite Brands? Check Here.


Love shopping at Macy’s, well now you are in luck as they are the exclusive retailer of TOMMY’s sportswear lines (Men’s and Women’s), as well the Children’s wear line. If you are addict the Hilfiger store, don’t worry you can get your fix there and at the website as well.

Tommy’s fragrances, home furnishing and other lines will still be sold at other stores as well as at Macy’s.

Ellen Tracy

Ellen Tracy
A name known and loved by many a business women as they are the preferred designer of Women’s Suits once found in nearly all luxury department stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Sadly earlier this year their production licensee was forced into bankruptcy, yet there is hope as they have created another licensee in a new lifetime exclusive sales arrangement with Macy’s.

Other Ellen Tracy Lines like the coats and Sunglasses are still sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.


Once a familiar sight at Macy’s, where it was sold in all 800 stores, sadly as of last year it was to only be found in 200. As LIZ recreated herself, and signed an exclusive agreement with J.C. Penney bringing a much need touch of luxury to this department store and giving the brand a new avenue of exposure. All of the LIZ CLAIBORNE line from shoes to household products will be found at Penney’s during this Holiday Season.

Now for all of you home shopping fans, the new Liz Claiborne New York line designed by Isaac Mizrahu will be featured exclusively on QVC.

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