Fashionista Spotlights – Eve Cooke, Ice Cream Queen

We here @f411 are proud to introduce the “Queen of Ice Cream” Eve Cooke, General Manager of Coolhaus LA. You can always find her in stylish threads as she serves up some icy yumminess around Lalaland!

F411- Occupation?

EC – GM of Coolhaus LA, Flavorpill Contributing Editor, One Half of Ponytales (@weareponytales)

F411 – What word do you always say?

EC – “make it a double”

F411 -What was the last song you listened to?

EC – Onra  “Hold Tight”.

F411 – What is always in your bag?

EC – Green Pastures Beauty Balm, a Larabar, Voluminous Mascara, my iPhone & a million business cards.

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