Children of the Sun – Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

Children of the Sun, Ace Hotel Palm Spings

Children of the Sun, Ace Hotel Palm Springs

During the Coachella Music Festival, the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs was a oasis of elegance for me and my merry band of fashion smugglers (Yes I have to do a shout out – Frida Howl, Nick Adams, Ray Vanderbilt and the ever sparkly Erica Moore for whom life is always a dance) as we lounged by their fantastic pool sipping mojitos after a crazy day of music & simply debauchery.

As I laid in the cool dusk of the desert by the Ace‘s turquoise pool I was informed by a hotel guest, a band member of ‘The Growlers’ that the hotel had recently remodel a couple of its rooms for the coming Summer tourist season. As good little Fashionista, I simply had to go and see this redesign first hand.

Children of the Sun – Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

The Ace‘s remodel is called ‘Children of the Sun,’ their promo materials describe the remodels new signature comforter as –

“Made from natural white canvas with our “Children of the Sun” mantra screen printed in black, they’re a natural complement to the sun-drenched and desert-hued tones of our roadside oasis. We’re making them available at Ace Hotel & Swim Club”

They go even further with –

“If they evoke fond memories of your stay — or would make a good fit in the pioneer suite at your fledgling date palm orchard or ostrich farm — you can have one of your very own.”

Trust me, you don’t need to own an ostrich farm to make this comforter work.

The Ace Accessory Bag –

If this is going to be your new summer room theme, you might want to check out the Ace’s new draw string accessory bags – clearly printed with a black outline of a iron or blow dryer on a white canvas bag so you can tell your accessories apart with ease.

The Ace Hotel Accessory Bag

Not Enough

I am big fan of the Ace Hotel, especially when it comes to their room remodels. Sadly the Ace took this fun, tangible concept and did not go far enough with it. It left me underwhelmed and more then a little disappointed. My suggest – add a bit more LA Hipster with a dash of the Southwest and your set!

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