Lessons From The Runway

From the runways of New York to London, a few delicious trends emerged for the spring fashion season that are truly fabulous for the modern woman. Continue Reading

Fashion Rules – British Royal Fashion On The Catwalk

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Today’s generation knows Kate Middleton as the fashionista of the
British royal family, but before Kate there was the ever fabulous
Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret –
who was known in her youth as a somewhat risque fashionista. Continue Reading

The Temple of Ise – Ise City, Japan

  Wandering through the green shadows of the primal forest that seperates the ancient shrine of Ise from the outside world, one can’t help reflecting upon the fact this is the sacred heart of Shintoism, the native religion of Japan. Shinto or kami-no-michi… Continue Reading

5 Quick Tips for Planning your European Adventure

As Winter descents upon Southern California you might find yourself asking the following questions. Am I craving the luxury of real snow? Do I yearn for a sprinkling of culture, with a dash of ‘Old World’ charm mixed in? If… Continue Reading

The Alex Theater, Glendale California

Born as a vaudeville theater in 1925, the Alex Theater soon became a first-run film house where the Hollywood Studio’s of the 1920’s and 1930’s would premier their features to the Public. Continue Reading

‘On Ice’ – Musician Terje Isungset brings The Ice alive with his unique sounds.

To most people when you mention Norway, they think of a country covered in Ice. What they don’t tend to imagine are all the uses Ice has. Norwegian Musician Terje Isungset proudly introduces the city of London to his country’s unique tradition of playing instruments made of Ice. Continue Reading

American Tourists Killed In Bus Crash – Aswan, Egypt

American Tourist Killed In Bus Crash – Aswan, Egypt Early on Sunday morning 8 American tourist died with 21 others seriously injured as the tour bus carrying them hit a stationary lorry in southern Egypt, reports local Egyptian Media and… Continue Reading

Geisha, between the Worlds.

When you hear the word, Geisha, does your mind flash to a white face, red lipped women wearing elaborate silk kimonos? Does the film ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ come to the forefront of your mind? That classic tale invoking images of controlled love, passionate art and cruel fate all revolving around one artisan’s life. As with any powerful archetype, trying to get to the root of it can be a confusing process at best, a frustrating one at worst. Continue Reading

What Kind of Traveler Are You? – A Little Quiz

Curious about what your travel style is? Are you one of those that likes to spend their down time at home watching your favorite shows on Hulu? Perhaps a guided tour of the world’s famous museums and art galleries is more your cup of tea. Personally your Fashionista411 Columnist loves the idea of enjoying a Sex on the Beach on some tropical sunlit beach. Still confused at what sounds like the most appetizing vacation? Here is a little quiz to provide some direction. Continue Reading