5 Must Have Boutique Lines of Summmer 2012

Got a flare for always knowing the best lines out there? Are you constantly searching out your local boutiques for that one fabulous piece? Look no further, as your Fashionista411 columnist it is my pleasure to present these lines for all your shopping needs! Continue Reading

A Truly Decadent Pleasure – Chocolate Mousse

During a recent trip home to San Diego I was re-introduced to the purely decadent pleasure of Chocolate Mousse. My family has a long tradition of making amazing desserts be it from our get-you-drunk rum cake with crushed almonds to our mouth watering chocolate mousse. Continue Reading

The Temple of Ise – Ise City, Japan

  Wandering through the green shadows of the primal forest that seperates the ancient shrine of Ise from the outside world, one can’t help reflecting upon the fact this is the sacred heart of Shintoism, the native religion of Japan. Shinto or kami-no-michi… Continue Reading

5 Quick Tips for Planning your European Adventure

As Winter descents upon Southern California you might find yourself asking the following questions. Am I craving the luxury of real snow? Do I yearn for a sprinkling of culture, with a dash of ‘Old World’ charm mixed in? If… Continue Reading

Fashionista411 – Looking for your Favorite Brands? Check Here.

When it comes to holiday shopping no fashionista wants to spend more time shopping then she has to, especially when it means braving long lines, and oh-so friendly sales associates. So in an extra effort to cut down on the time you spend in line, here is a guide to your favorite brands and where they can be found. Continue Reading

Looks Around The World 2011 – Mens Style File

One things I love about Men’s Fashion is that no matter where in the world you travel, there are always similar styles and trends.

Check out the latest styles from countries around the globe like Mexico, Spain and America courtesy of Fashionista411. Pay attention as we’re going to show you what you will need to pull of each look and where to find the individual pieces. Continue Reading

The Alex Theater, Glendale California

Born as a vaudeville theater in 1925, the Alex Theater soon became a first-run film house where the Hollywood Studio’s of the 1920’s and 1930’s would premier their features to the Public. Continue Reading

James Franco “Maybe I’m Just Gay’ – Rising the ‘Is He Gay’ Celebrity Question

Ok, this is not exactly jaw dropping news – James Franco, a celebrity who has already come out of the ‘straight’ closet to fans, stirred up several sexual fantasies among his gay fans today when he suggest to a reporter he might just be — you guested it ‘Gay.’ Continue Reading

American Tourists Killed In Bus Crash – Aswan, Egypt

American Tourist Killed In Bus Crash – Aswan, Egypt Early on Sunday morning 8 American tourist died with 21 others seriously injured as the tour bus carrying them hit a stationary lorry in southern Egypt, reports local Egyptian Media and… Continue Reading

What Kind of Traveler Are You? – A Little Quiz

Curious about what your travel style is? Are you one of those that likes to spend their down time at home watching your favorite shows on Hulu? Perhaps a guided tour of the world’s famous museums and art galleries is more your cup of tea. Personally your Fashionista411 Columnist loves the idea of enjoying a Sex on the Beach on some tropical sunlit beach. Still confused at what sounds like the most appetizing vacation? Here is a little quiz to provide some direction. Continue Reading