Paint It Black – A Fashion Statement

Inspired by the Punk fashions of the 1970s, designer Jeremy Fall infuses each of his creations with clean lines and a minimalist flair. Paint It Black, as a collection is meant to dress the individual in the tragic glamour of a Hollywood romance. Continue Reading

Donna Karan New York, DKNY – Bras & Panties Interview

Fashion Correspondent Justin Howard’s interview with Donna Karan, DKNY Bras & Panties Team about their new spring lingerie lines. Available at Nordstrom and all Donna Karan retail outlets as well as online DKNY retailers. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Foodie – Chef Curtis Stone, Author of ‘What’s For Dinner?’

Recently I had the chance to really talk food with chef Curtis Stone during his busy promotional tour for his newest book, “What’s For Dinner?” in Las Vegas during a ‘pop up’ Curtis Stone restaurant. Continue Reading

From London – Anushee & Ayla Hashwani of Royal Spades

Designer sisters Anushee & Ayla Hashwani started their collection Royal Spades after pooling their individual experiences as a fashion stylist and a classically trained designer at Parsons The New School for Design.

Royal Spade as a collection is inspired by denim brands like Levi’s
and Pepe Jeans. Anushee & Ayla aimed to present not only a denim brand,
but a lifestyle that is desirable, relatable and with a laid-back edge Continue Reading

Children of the Sun – Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

As I laid in the cool dusk of the desert by the Ace’s turquoise pool I was informed by a hotel guest, a band member of ‘The Growlers’ that the hotel had recently remodel a couple of its rooms for the coming Summer tourist season. As good little Fashionista, I simply had to go and see this redesign first hand. Continue Reading

Fashionista411 Spotlights – Kayla Tabish, Actress ‘The Girl Next Door’ & ‘Loren Cass’

Name: Kayla Tabish 
Occupation: Actress 
What was the last song you listened to? Something about a truck by Kip Moore What word do you say all the time? fabulous or phenomenal 
What is always in your bag? Lip gloss and… Continue Reading

Yoga on the Go – Sitting down with the Surfing Yogi, Tyler LaVigne

The essence of yoga incorporates the breath, body, and mind. Finding a connection with all three is a person’s yoga practice. Once the breath is calm, the body is relaxed, then the mind begins to still. This is exactly how yoga fits into the modern busy world. It passively slows a person’s mind down, and allows him/her to focus on the present moment, which gives a person more mental focus, and concentration on their daily tasks. Continue Reading