From Urban Expressions To Gatsby Girls – Swatch 2013 Fall / Winter Preview

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Fashion Insider Justin Howard goes behind the scenes at the Swatch Fall/Winter 2013 Preview to check out the new ‘Urban Expression’ line. Continue Reading

Talking Geek Chic With Designer Ashley Eckstein, Her Universe

‘Geek Chic’ the fashion trend inspired by science fiction and fantasy
is not just for boys anymore as fashion designer Ashley Eckstein is
proving with her highly popular line, Her Universe. As a designer
Ashley has cornered the market on female sci-fi fans by giving them
what they crave most – a fashion line directly inspired by their
favorite sci-fi shows & films like Dr Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. Continue Reading

From Star Wars to Fashion, Ashley Eckstein of HER UNIVERSE

When female sci-fi fans of the animated series Star Wars : The Clone
Wars kept telling actress Ashley Eckstein, who plays the voice of Jedi
Ahsoka Tano, that they wanted more from her she took them seriously.

Cue the birth of HER UNIVERSE, a fashion line entirely dedicated to
the ‘Geek Chic’ fashions of female sci-fi fans’ favorite series like
Doctor Who, Star Trek and, of course, Star Wars. Continue Reading

Looks Around The World 2011 – Mens Style File

One things I love about Men’s Fashion is that no matter where in the world you travel, there are always similar styles and trends.

Check out the latest styles from countries around the globe like Mexico, Spain and America courtesy of Fashionista411. Pay attention as we’re going to show you what you will need to pull of each look and where to find the individual pieces. Continue Reading

Geek Chic – The Definition of Style

The Artist

“… I hopped in my jaguar. Checking my email on the dashboard panel via bluetooth to my iPhone, I made a personal note: Need a web page for these poor cyber-hungry masses. Maybe they can’t all become geeks, but at least they can interact with us. People long for the glamour that they perceive in the cyber world. They see our shiny, thick glasses, our slick pocket protectors, but they don’t realize all that glitters is not gold. It’s time for them to know who we really are…” Continue Reading

What is Hip?

Geek Chic Rules the Day According to Wikipedia “Geek chic” refers to the embracing of stereotypically unpopular “geek” characteristics such as (taped) glasses, comic books, and video games. “It has a lot to do with the computer revolution, Bill Gates… Continue Reading

Shoes! Ancient Fashion Makes a Comeback

The oldest known shoe, a 5,500 year old size 7 women’s (37 European), was unearthed from a Copper Age dig site by Archaeologist Diana Zardaryan. It was discovered in a pit inside a cave in the Vayotz Dzor province of… Continue Reading