Backstage at the 6th Annual ‘Teens For Jeans’ Launch


Now in its sixth year, ‘Teens For Jeans’ is an annual month-long
initiative that encourages young adults to donate gently worn
dungarees for teens at homeless youth shelters in need of some new
duds hosted by fashion retailer Aeropostale and

At Palihouse hotel in Los Angeles I had the pleasure of chatting with
the cast of MTV’s new hit series Awkward about their thoughts on the

Justin Howard : So let’s get a quote from each of you on tonight and
what you love about ‘Teens For Jeans’

Desi Lydic : Hi, I love your scarf! I love that we are providing
something in a small way that is really needed.

Justin Howard : Did you donate?

Desi Lydic : Yes!

Nikki Deloach : I think that is a lot of need in our country right now
and there are a lot of people who want to get involved but don’t have
a lot of extra cash or time and this is something really small that
you can do that goes a super long way. I am really proud to be here
and be involved in it.

Barret Swatek : I think when you read that 1.7 million teenagers are
homeless, I believe that deeply hits a chord because that is an
essential wardrobe for all of us – a pair of jeans. And it can help
them feel a little bit better at home, something to wear to school, it
is very basic. We don’t think about those things that is why we are
here, and why I am glad to support it.

Mike Faiola : One of the perks of being an actor is that you get to
shed light on issues like teen homelessness, etc etc. So it is nice
that we can bring together a bunch of self-centered people and do
something. Have a bunch of these self-centered egoistical actors
combined focuses to do some good in the world.

Publicist : I just want to remind everyone that Mike is from the MTV
show Awkward.

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from the 6th annual ‘Teens For Jeans’ check out my fashion column on

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