American Tourists Killed In Bus Crash – Aswan, Egypt

American Tourist Killed In Bus Crash – Aswan, Egypt

Early on Sunday morning 8 American tourist died with 21 others seriously injured as the tour bus carrying them hit a stationary lorry in southern Egypt, reports local Egyptian Media and Police.

The accident happened as the tour bus was traveling from the southern Egyptian city of Aswan to the popular tour site of the ancient temple site of Abu Simbel.

Egyptian bus driver and tour guide were hurt in the accident.

All American tourists hurt in the crash were taken to a military hospital, where they were treated for fractures and cuts.

The Crash – Aswan, Egypt

The accident happened around dawn, after the three coach convoy set off on the 115 mile journey from the city of Aswan to the temple complex of Abu Simbel.

Six of the dead tourist are reported to be females reports a local police offical. Four American tourist are currently in criticial condition, reports the AP news agency.

The major of tourists were treated at the military hospital in Aswan. The four Americans in life threatening conditions where reportedly airlifted to a hospital in Cairo that treats injured tourists.

Only the tourists in the first coach were injured. The other two coaches containing tourists were completelty unharmed.

In Egypt, road accidents are common due to poor roads and casual enforcement of traffic rules. Over 8,000 people die in car accidents yearly in the country as reported by the UN.

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