Airport to Nowhere, Japan’s 98th International Airport Opens.

Traveling through one of Tokyo’s International Airports can often translate into braving long security lines and over crowded lounges. As your Fashionista411 Columnist recently discovered Japan’s Newest International Airport at Ibaraki  can offer a pleasant alternative to the world weary traveler.

Airport to Nowhere, Japan’s 98th International Airport Opens.

Located 50 miles north of Tokyo at the end of a long bus ride, Ibaraki was envisioned as an alternative hub to Tokyo careering to budget carriers with large lounges and more security entries.

Costing the Japanese tax payer about $220 million, the dream of Ibaraki seems to be dead before it could even take flight. Currently it offers a daily flight to the South Korean capital Seoul. Scheduled future routes include a daily flight to the Japanese city of Kobe.

Keep your eyes open if you are planning a trip to Japan in the future as more international flight routes are schedule to added at Ibaraki.

While in Ibaraki enjoy their world famous classic Japanese Garden ‘Kairaku-en’
as well as try the regions unique fermented soy bean paste – Natto.

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