After The Oscars

George Kotsiopoulos - After The Oscars

George Kotsiopoulos – After The Oscars

As Hollywood’s Awards Season comes to an end, I took some time recently to chat with fashion expert George Kotsiopoulos, co-host of E!’s hit series Fashion Police about his thoughts on this past award season.

JH – What were you looking for fashion-wise at the Oscars?”

G – The Oscars are it. I think if you are a nominee and a
young woman, or any woman who is a nominee, you are treating it the
same way a bride would treat her wedding day. Say you win (they say
they don’t think about this, but they all think about this) say I win,
is this the dress I want to be photographed in? Do you want to be
photographed in a big shoulder-padded long-sleeved number? You
want something that is timeless and elegant.

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