Active Duty Soldiers Take Part in the ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign

Soldiers take part in it gets better

Active Duty Soldiers take part in 'It Gets Better'

It is not surprising that since the Pentagon and US Goverment repealed the horribly suppressive policy of ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ that active duty service members have come out openly to support their Gay & Lesbian brothers and sister in arms.

Active Duty Soldiers Take Part in the ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign

One group based in Bagram, Afghanistan has taken this open support of Gays and Lesbians a step futher by releasing their own video contributions to the ‘It Gets Better‘ Campaign. These brave soldiers have started a broadcast their message of tolerance to gay teens who are harassed by bullies.

“It’s really hard, being accepted, to be different. But it’s even harder to be somebody that you’re not. So, once you find that group of friends that embrace who you are, just go with the flow. It gets better” one soldier commented.

The group that posted the video is Outserve, an LGBT support organization for U.S. soldiers.

View the Video “Outserve BAF: It Gets Better (Deployed US Military) on Youtube.

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