A Guide To Special Occasion Dresses

With all the styles, patterns and designs out there,  it can be
something of a challenge to find the perfect special occasion dress to
meet your needs. To help sort out these challenges, I sat down with
fashion buyer Lisa Dibello of David’s Bridal to get her perspective.

A Guide To Special Occasion Dresses

Justin Howard – What would you recommend for the woman who has
nearly-grown children who  is still elegant and trendy?

Lisa Dibello – It is really about the tummy coverage and about dresses
that look great on all body types, and these usually have some kind of ruching around the belly area. It really slenderizes you, makes you look skinny, makes
you feel great. Also, with the little bit older customer,  the length would be a little longer, so instead of being four inches above the knee it might be right at the knee or an inch above the knee.

So these gowns are geared towards the more mature customer. Some of the dresses have a little bit more construction in them. They are more built up, because she is not 16 years old and gravity has taken its course a little bit. So they have a little support in them to tuck you in at all the right places so you feel good in the dress.

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