5 Must Have Boutique Lines of Summmer 2012

Menswear Summer 2012

Got a flare for always knowing the best fashion lines out there? Are you constantly searching out your local boutiques for that one fabulous piece? Look no further, as your Fashionista411 columnist it is my pleasure to present these lines for all your shopping needs!

Chatting up the rather dashing boutique owner Dave Reyes, here are the 5 Must Have Boutique Lines as seen at Material, a Boutique for Men & Women.

5 Must Haves Boutique Lines-

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Image Courtesy of Mavi Jeans USA

Mavi Jeans- Coming both Men’s and Women’s Styles and Sizes, this new jean company brings the exotic flavor of Istanbul to the West Coast. Being designed for a slim fit, it also always provides the comfort for being extremely wearable.


Free People Shirts, Free People Dresses, Fashionista, Fashion, Fashionista411, Justin Howard

Courtesy of Free People Dresses

Free People Shirts/Dresses- This company sporting retro cuts and delicious details geared toward the youthful woman. You might have heard of itself older sister company Urban Outfitters, but this younger company tends to embody that flower child feeling in its cute designs and accessories.


Klovis T-Shirts, Fashion, Fashionista, Justin Howard, Fashionista411

Courtesy of Klovis T-Shirts

Klovis T-Shirts- Inspired to embody the laid back Southern California vibe, Klovis takes that inspiration to the next level in it graphics and natural fibers featuring them in its shirts.

Sanuk Thongs, Fashion, Fashionista, Fashionista411, Justin Howard, Sandals

Courtesy of Sanuk Thongs

Sanuk Thongs- Looking for some thing to place on those feet? Well, look no further then this local thong making company. Part of the pleasure of living in San Diego is that one can wear thongs in any weather, why not take a bit of Sanuk (the Thai word for Happiness) with you?


Nu Intentions Jewelry, Fashion, Fashionista, Fashionista411, Justin Howard

Courtesy of Nu Intentions

Nu Intentions Jewelry- Doing good and looking great was never easier! Nu Inspirations not only delivers great looking jewelry but also as a fair-trade business assists employee women in third-world countries, helping them lead better lives.


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